Vermont Fall Foliage Pictures

Overlooking Vermont Fall Foliage

Towards the end of September I traveled to Vermont on a mission to capture some amazing fall foliage pictures. Leading up to this trip, I carefully monitored several websites that provided Fall Foliage reports so I would know what type of color I could expect to see. I was aware that I would be visiting Vermont during what was usually the very early stages of foliage, but I knew I’d be renting a car and was willing to drive as many hours necessary in order to “chase” the foliage.

A couple of weeks prior to my trip, after contemplating the purchase of a new digital camera, I decided to rent one instead, which I rented from I ended up renting a Nikon D3x, which is the top of the line camera that Nikon carries and has a reputation of being an incredible camera to use for landscape photos. This was actually one of the new digital cameras I had been thinking of purchasing but at a cost of $7999.00, I chose to rent it instead to find out if I’d be happy with it.

There was a lot more reasoning as to why I chose to rent instead of buy the Nikon D3x and I wrote an article that was published on the website by my friend, Gordon Laing. My “Nikon D3x Review” article takes you through an adventure in my mind as I try to decide what would be the best type of camera for me to upgrade to. I discussed what I liked and didn’t like about the D3x, along with some other insight I think many people will enjoy hearing about. You can read my article here. Even if my article doesn’t sound like something of interest to you, if you’ve been trying to figure out what type of camera you’d like to purchase, Gordon’s site is filled with tons of awesome camera reviews on most DSLR cameras.

As expected, I arrived in Vermont a bit early for the foliage season, but I still managed to get some amazing shots. I was also able to drive to the Northernmost areas of the state, where foliage appeared much further along.

Because I had such a great time during my visit to Vermont, I decided to travel back there just 2 short weeks later. This time, I brought my three daughters because I felt they really needed to experience the Fall Foliage season for themselves.

So, after 2 visits to Vermont during the 2011 Fall Foliage season, I was able to capture some amazing Fall Foliage photos that I’m extremely pleased with. I’ve chosen some of my favorites to share with you and those are the ones below this post. Some were taken with the Nikon D3x and others were taken with my Canon 7D. (If you click on any of the photos, they should open and enlarge to much higher resolution versions.)

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  1. Joshua Irwin

    Hi There,

    I read your D3x review at and there was one thing that slightly perplexed me. You said” I was also disappointed to discover how poorly it had tracked-focus in this environment. Most of my shots were blurry and unsalvageable” I am not sure why this would be. I own a D3 (which has the same AF unit as the D3X, D3S, and D700) and I find it to have very good tracking abilities even in low light. I wondering if you AF focus tracking speed was set to “long” instead of “short”. Other than that I agreed with your review and hope that you enjoy the 1D-X when it is released.


    • Scott Kublin

      Hi Josh,

      Thinking back to when I took the pictures of my daughter during her gymnastics routine, I’m not sure if I had the tracking speed set to “long” or “short”. But with my Canon 7D, it seemed to track better no matter what tracking speed I had it set to. Perhaps I didn’t have the optimal settings set when I was using it at her gym.

    • Scott Kublin

      Hi Svein, yes I’ve checked out Magic Lantern before. I actually just revisited their site the other day to see if they’ve updated their product to work with the 7D and unfortunately, they haven’t. But yes, for the 5D Mk II, it would definitely be something of interest.


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