Big Tree, Little Horse

A view of a sunset I captured in Landrum South Carolina.

My oldest daughter had a gymnastics tournament in Gatlinburg, Tennessee a couple of months ago. About 3 hours into the drive, as we were approaching the city of Landrum, SC, I began to notice it was going to be a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, the road we were driving on was very boring and offered nothing of interest to use within the foreground of a sunset shot.

With about 20 minutes left before the sunset was complete, I decided to turn off of the highway we were on so I could try to find a location that would make for a great photo opportunity. I remember making a left turn, then a right turn, then another right turn, and then a left turn, and then maybe even another left or right turn. Now lost, we were pleasantly surprised when I passed by the small farm pictured in this post.

As my 3 daughters and 2 of my daughter’s friends sat patiently in our mini-van, I stepped outside and fired several shots from various different perspectives. I wasn’t too happy with what I had captured initially, but after spending quite a bit of time post-processing this shot, I was satisfied overall with the final result.

And luckily, we ended up finding our way back to the main road without any problem and continued our journey to Gatlinburg. This just goes to show you what benefits come out getting off the beaten path. I’ve now got another photo I can add to my collection and may even choose to order up a print of this photo in the future for my home.

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[private_GOLD vip]Beautiful sunset over a horse farm
As you can see, the original version of this shot looks awful and very boring. True, the sunset looks beautiful, but everything else is very distracting and just doesn’t “feel” right. I spent about 2 hours post-processing this photo using a combination of Photomatix Pro, Photoshop CS5, and Lightroom 3. Within Photoshop, I used several different plugins, including Topaz Adjust, Nik Sharpener Pro, and PhotoTools 2.6.[/private_GOLD vip]

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