Nimes Coliseum Bullfighter

Nimes Colliseum Bullfighter

When I was in France two weeks ago, one of the places I visited was Nimes. In case you’re not familiar with where Nimes is located, it’s about 450 miles south of Paris. Our reasons for visiting Nimes was twofold. The main reason was so we could watch Sting perform inside of “The Coliseum”. The other reason was so that we could meet Fabien Barral, who is a very popular French designer. Fabien is the one who designed Trey Ratcliff’s blog at I’ll have a future blog post all about the incredible afternoon we all spent with Fabien and his family at their home posted in the near future.

The night before Sting was to perform, we all ventured down towards the area where the Coliseum is located so that we could walk around the town and explore some. While there, Trey and I sent our wives off on their own so that we could take some photos. Since there was also a concert playing on this night, the Coliseum was very crowded and could be heard from several blocks away.

My intentions were to get a shot of the Coliseum with a gorgeous sunset in the background, but as usual, luck was not on my side. Even without a picture-perfect sunset not taking place, the Coliseum was still an amazing site to see and Trey and I took many pictures from several different angles. This post’s photo is my favorite though because of how I composed the shot.

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