Big Ben at Sunset

Big Ben at Sunset

This is one of my favorite shots that I took during my travels to London. I took this during Trey Ratcliff’s London photo walk.

Since I was already spending a lot of time with Trey, I ventured around on my own during the photo walk so that his fans had plenty of one-on-one time with him. I was fortunate to have done this because I had time to properly compose this shot without worrying about catching up with a group of other photographers. If you look carefully, you’ll notice I snapped this photo just as the sun was about to disappear behind one of the distant buildings. There were plenty of people on the bridge this evening and I usually would have masked in a version of this picture where the people weren’t so ghosted, but I kind of liked the way it looked in this shot.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this photo, as well as any other photo I’ve posted. Have any questions about how I post-processed this image? Ask away and I’ll do my best to answer.

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  1. Stan Fairgrieve

    Hi Scott,

    I lovely shot,
    I’m trying very hard to improve my HDR photography and post processing.
    You obviously take a lot of time and care with your post processing, how long would
    you say you spent on this particular photograph.
    I am at the moment in the middle of Tray Ratcliff’s photography course and finding it most
    interesting, while on his website I came across your name which eventually led me to your
    website and particularly your post processing video tutorial at HDR Photography Blog.
    I must admit I was very impressed with the tutorial, the detailed information you give in
    explaining how you processed each stage I found easy to follow, and for you to spend over an hour
    on the video was dedication indeed.
    I an sure, by having your tutorial at hand along with Tray’s course will help greatly in helping
    me to improve my HDR photographs.

    Stan Fairgrieve

    • Scott Kublin

      Hi Stan,

      Thanks for your nice comments. Thinking back to when I processed the Big Ben at Sunset shot, I’d guess I spent around 3-4 hours processing it.

  2. Steve

    Its a great shot! I love London! Went there this year and got a few good HDR shots. They are on my flickr page under username “Sealevel1”

    How was the photo walk with Trey? Was it worth it? He did one in Austin but I can’t afford it…yet!

    Take care,

    • Scott Kublin

      Hi Steve,

      The photo walk in London with Trey was great! Trey doesn’t charge for photowalks, so I’m guessing you must have been referring to his HDR Workshop that you can’t afford…yet. I attended that also, and learned a ton.

      I’ll check out your photostream on Flickr. I’m on Flickr as ScottyCentral.


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